Pathfinder Pathways

Animal Tracking

Animal Tracking Requirements

Is your club going on a campout near water, maybe the ocean, river or swampy area? This a great place to work on the animal tracking honor. Animals need water so it should be easy to find some mammal or bird tracks.  Have different Pathfinders help demonstrate things, this is especially fun at the beach.  They can demonstrate making tracks in the sand by running, walking, different sizes of people, and direction of travel.

One requirement that would not be a good idea to complete while on a campout is to set up a feeding station, and then look at the tracks.  This could encourage wild animals to become dependent on humans for food.  Instead have the Pathfinders look along the waters edge for tracks in the animal's natural environment.

To learn the tracks before heading out make an "Animal Track Board" showing pictures of animals and their tracks. You should be able to find pictures of the animal tracks in the following websites.

If one of your weekend activities is to learn animal tracking but you have a group of Pathfinders that have already earned their Animal Tracking honor. Let them help teach but also might be a good time to have them start a journal of animal tracking information. Include drawings or photographs of each set of tracks that they find and identify. Include track measurements and describe the location, features, and clues related to each track.

A naturalist from the SUNY College of Environmental Forestry discusses Common Animal Tracks.