Pathfinder Pathways

Camping 101

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Pathfinders is camping.  And while Pathfinders is not a camping organization it is one of the activities that helps make it a well-rounded organization.  It can also be one of those activities that cause a lot of stress when you're the one doing the planning.  To help with some aspects of camping, we have covered the following subjects in Pathways:
       Logistics - Location and transportation
       Equipment  - Tents, sleeping bags, etc.
       Cooking - Cooking for a group
       Cooking - Cooking by units
       Backpacking - How do I get started
       Backpacking - Cooking
In this article we will cover types of camping.  Whether you are a new club, new to a club or have been with the same club for years, make sure that you and everyone else in the club know what type of camping your club will be doing and what will be expected of them.  If your club is big into backpacking and several new staff comin and expect to only go camping pulling their RVs, someone is in for a big shock.  Make sure that everyone has the same objective.
     If you are the director, discuss with everyone the type or types of camping the club does.  Will you be camping in the state parks with electricity, water, flush toilets and hot showers, or somewhat more primative group camping areas with portable toilets?  Or will you be backpacking and need to purify your water and dig a hole for the bathroom.  Or maybe a combination of all three.
     There are several things that may dictate the type of camping that you will be doing.  Such as the type of equipment you alreay have, the ages of your Pathfinders, the transportation you will be using, and the amount of money available for buying equipment.
     In other articles will discuss what to look for when purchasing camping equipment but until then here's a checklist to help you identify the direction the club is or will be taking when deciding how they will go camping.  Remember if you have a plan you will be able to be more flexible and have the appropriate camping supplies to fit your needs in any situation.
       Where are you going to camp?
              *   Camp gounds
              *   Group campsites
              *   Primative (example: backpacking)
              *   All of the above
       How are you going to camp?
              *   Large tents (by units)
              *   Medium tents (to heavy for backpacking)
              *   Small tents
        How are you going to cook?
              *   By club
              *   By units
              *   Individuals
              *   All of the above at different times
         If you are going to go backpacking
              *   Club will supply equipment
              *   Pathfinder will have own equipment