Pathfinder Pathways

Camping Success

Some Tips for a Counselor's Success on a Pathfinder Club Campout

 1.  Clue your newer Pathfinders in on the camp schedule, camp duties, general behavior, what to wear, etc.
 2.  Plan to work with your Pathfinders on your unit’s specific responsibilities for the campout.
 3.  Ride with your unit in bus or cars. In the bus the Pathfinders are not usually seated by units, but sit among them anyway. Adults should disperse themselves among the Pathfinders, especially at the back of the bus, not grouped together with other adults.
Eat with your unit and help them keep your eating area clean.
 5. P
articipate with your unit in camp duties.
See that your unit captain has a copy of the campout schedule and has the unit to each activity on time and ready to go.
See that your unit members learn how the meal duty roster works and be on time for duties. This is valuable training for later campouts in which each unit will be responsible for its own food.
Keep in mind that all camping (including all failures and all successes) is training for future camping. Help them think through the reasons why some things work well and some don’t.
Keep your unit together on all outdoor activities.
Help your unit to realize that occasionally a counselor can’t attend. When that happens, your Pathfinders may need to make room and welcome in some members from that unit. Or maybe you will be the counselor left at home in bed with the flu! There may be a substitute counselor or maybe your unit will be scattered among other units. They will of course want only happy reports to take home to the lonesome counselor.
Have your unit sit together during the campout Sabbath School and Church.
Be supportive of all other staff.
Know the club safety rules and train your Pathfinders in them.