Pathfinder Pathways

Gear Storage Tips

The campout or the year is over and for some clubs it’s time to make sure that all the camping gear is put away
for the summer. It will make the next year start off a lot easier if everything is organized and in good repair.

Stow your gear
      Use a whisk broom and/or rags to wipe off gear as you stow it. Make sure that your gear is clean before putting it away.
Check the cooler
      Double check that the coolers are clean and dry before storing them.
Make a checklist
       Take inventory of your gear as you store it and note any broken gear that needs repair, missing items that need to be
       replenished or items that you wish you had.
High and Dry
       Storing gear high helps keep it away from rodents and insects; keeping it dry helps avoid mildew.
Avoid freezing
Any moisture in materials can cause damage from expansion when freezing; and some materials, even when dry, may crack in
        very cold temperatures.
Food smells
        Rodents are attracted to the smell of food and can quickly ruin your gear, chewing through it to look for food that is no longer 
        there.  To avoid these pests be sure to air out or wash all gear that smells of food.
Remove batteries
       To avoid any possibilities of corrosion, remove the batteries from any gadgets and store them separately.