September 29 - Important Info from Pastor Swafford

Investiture Achievement BETA Test

If you were at our Pathfinder Leadership Convention, you may recall Brad Forbes presenting an alternative approach to the the accomplishment of the AY Classwork.  This new approach developed by the Pathfinder Committee of the North American Division, is called Investiture Achievement.  Brad presented this concept with a challenge that some of our Georgia-Cumberland clubs might want to take part in BETA testing of this new approach and give feedback to the committee as to how it works with your club.  This feedback will be extremely valuable to the NAD Pathfinder Committee.

Please note these very important points:
If you have agreed to participate in the BETA testing process and have received the materials, it is very important that you do not mix the current curriculum with any part of the BETA test materials.  Some of the materials are identical, however, as a whole the programs are very different.

Since this BETA test is being conducted by the North American Division (not the Georgia-Cumberland Conference) please direct all of your questions and/or comments to the NAD Committee via the by logging in with your username and password.  Our office does not have the information necessary to answer your questions.

Whether you are following the current AY Classwork or taking part in the BETA testing of the Investiture Achievement program, you are in our prayers.  Your leadership is so much appreciated!!

Thank you,
John Swafford

PS: This information is also available as a PDF if you would prefer to print it out in that format. 
Investiture Achievement-BETA-PDF

AY Classwork Pathways

- Friend (Grade 5)
- Companion (Grade 6)
- Explorer (Grade 7) 
- Ranger (Grade 8)
- Voyager (Grade 9)
- Guide (Grade 10)
- Master Guide (grade 11 or age 16 years or older) (helps coming soon)