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Knitting Honor Requirements

Once, knitting was viewed as an "old lady's sport," but now people are reconsidering that label. From preschool classrooms to college campuses, younger folks are yearning for yarn, and the time-honored craft is gaining momentum.

If Julie Roberts, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Madeline Albright and even Russell Crow are doing it, according to Vanity Fair magazine, then it must be a bona fide trend.  Though far from the days when women sat by the fire and did it, knitting has made a grand return.  A new generation has discovered what older adults have know for years: these crafts are great stress relievers. 
I recently heard that knitting and crocheting have become all the rage and at least one of the local academies has been making scarves to give out to the needy.  This is a great time to capitalize on this and incorporate teaching the knitting honor.  This honor also corresponds with this years Pioneering theme.

 But what if no one in your club knows how to knit?  Check with the members of your church to see if there is someone who knows how to knit and would be willing to teach your Pathfinders.  Make sure that this person knows how to work with young people and is going to be OK with some of the wild ideas that the Pathfinders may come up with. 

As far as style goes, knitting designs have gone beyond the simple baby booties or scarves we used to see.  That's because of the variety of patterns and books available, as well as Web sites that provide free patterns, tips and links for purchasing supplies.  Also remember to check the stores that sell yarn.  They often have free one page instructions for quick projects.

 Knitted scarves are the hottest fashion accessories of the season!  Plus scarves can be a less-complicated design to creat for less experienced knitters.  They also work as a gift for all ages. They can also be made to pass out to the homeless during the cold winter months.  So now the begining of the year is a good time to get started so that they will be ready when cold weather arrives.

Whether you're learning to knit or returning to this craft, remember to relax and enjoy this soothing way to pass the time while you are creating something special.

 Below are links that either have instructions on how to knit or free patterns that you can use. 

- Knit and Crochet Today
- Better Homes and Gardens Knitting Basics
- Bernat Yarns (free membership)
- Vogue Knitting (instructions)
- Learn to Knit (Craft Yarn Council of America)
- Lion Brand Yarn

Teaching/learning help - below are a couple of video clips from YouTube. You can do a search either under the video section of your search engine or search 'learn to knit YouTube' to find other teaching videos.
How to Knit - The Basics This video will show you the basics of knitting. Follow along and see how easy it is to actually do! With this video you will learn how to Cast On, knit rows, and Bind off to complete a simple project.