Knot Tying Requirements
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The art of tying knots is well know in small circles of fisherman, sailors, hikers and paddlers, and sometimes makes little sense to the rest of us; like any craft or sciences, there's plenty of knot jargon to learn.  On this page we'll try to give you some ideas of ways to make it a little more fascinating.  We'll include some games and maybe a few nots (I mean knots) that you may knot (I mean not) have heard of before. When guiding your Pathfinders in making their knot boards for the honors or class work requirements, try to come up with creative ways to put together their boards.  Make it look nice, something they could be proud of.  Use a nice color of mat board as the backing to adhere the knots to.  The size of the frame needed would depend on the number of knots needed to be tied.

So what is a knot?
A knot is any loop or entanglement of flexible material that is intentionally or unintentionally created; securing two ends of the same material.  So when one of the Pathfinders accidentally (or on purpose) makes a mess of all your neatly stored ropes, they really have "tied" a knot.

Here are several links that may help you learn more about knots.