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Origami Honor Requirements

Origami is the art of paper folding.  The word is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami).  Pathfinders really enjoy finding out the neat things they can make just by making a few folds in a piece of paper. Here's a few websites that have ideas for you to use.   
Do you need to be able to see someone actually doing the folds to become clear about what to do?  One place to look would be "Expert Village" on YouTub and then do a search on Origami. YouTube channel of Expert Village.  Another site that has several videos is:  Happy Folding.

Here are a couple of videos to help get you started.  You can also do a video search on 'Learning Origami YouTube' or a search on a specific model (Example: Origami Saleboat YouTube.)

Another thing that you might want to try if there are enough computers would be to the videos needed to be able to teach the honor. Then have the Pathfinders work in round robin style going to each station to complete everything starting with the basics then working up to completing the models. There would of course need to be staff to man each station but this way you wouldn't need to have experts come in to teach (although that would of course be great).  This way the Pathfinders could work somewhat at their own speed and move on when they had completed the requirements at a station.  Because the videos go rather quickly they will need to be paused at times and to play over and over so that everyone has a chance to understand.   Also make sure that th
Easy origami instructions for basic origami folds.
Learn to easily make the beautiful origami lotus.

There are a number of other vidoes on this website.
"Origami of the Day" video clips.

Mimi's Videos Meamerger Channel