Pathfinder Pathways

Paper Quilling

Quilling or paper filigree is the art of rolling thin strips of paper into different shapes and using the shapes to form designs.  Quilling has been around since the Renaisance age.  Below are several websites with helps and ideas to get you started.

A good place to purchase idea and instruction books is at  Do a search on 'Paper Quilling'.

Here are several cards that can be used either with the examples or without the examples when teaching the paper quilling honor.  Honor Help Cards

To the left is the paper quilled picture of the 'Courage to Stand' logo made by Judy Amos.  Click on it to enlarge.

Thanks to Marilyn Knapp from one of the Florida Pathfinder Clubs for sharing her pictures of the
quilled Pathfinder boys and girl that she made with such great detail.
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Teaching/Learning help - below are a couple of video clips from YouTube. You can do a search either under the video section of your search engine or search 'paper quilling YouTube' to find other teaching videos.
This is a tutorial that shows you how to make beautiful christmas decorations with the quilling technique.. Watch this if you want to get an idea of how paper quilling is done.
This is an advertisment but it has some quick demonstrations to give you an idea of how paper quilling is done.