Pathfinder Pathways

Pledge & Law Games

Game #1

Equipment: For each team, 1 pencil, 1 set of 8 slips of paper numbered from 1-8 placed in a pile in front of team.

On signal first Pathfinder runs to pile, draws slip, reads the number, writes on paper the point of AY law of that number, drops paper beside pile, runs back to tag next Pathfinder who repeats performance.  And so on, until all 8 slips are answered.

First team finished with most correct answers wins.

Game #2

Equipment:  For each team, newspapers or magazines, 1 pair of scissors, and 1 pencil

On signal, teams have 10 minutes to search for news items which illustrate points of the Pathfinder law livved up to. Items are torn out, trimmed, and numbered according to number of law.

Team with most clippings in given time wins.