Pathfinder Pathways

Personal Growth

Voyager: Do sections I, II, and II.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. Involvement (Required)
   A. Be age 14 OR in grade 9, or it's equivalent.
   B. Be an active member of the AY society OR Pathfinder Club
II. Commitment (Required)
   A. Repeat from memory the AY Aim, Motto and Pledge.
   B. Illustrate the meaning of the Aim by doing one of the following: Art Project Panel Discussion Musical Interpretation
Written Composition Role Playing Skit
III. Growth (Required)
    A. Earn the Voyager Reading Certificate OR the Senior Reading Certificate.

Spiritual Discovery

Voyager: Do Sections I and select either II or III.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III

I. Scripture (Required)
   A. Memorize a Bible text in each of the following categories:
       1. Great Passages
       2. Doctrine
       3. Salvation
       4. Prayer
       5. Relationships
       6. Behavior
       7. Promises or praise
II. Church Heritage (Optional)
    A. Read about J.N. Andrews. Discuss the importance of mission service to the church at that time in history
        and why Christ gave the great commission (Matt. 28:18-20) and it's importance to the church today, or fulfill
        other options in the Instructor's Manual.
III. Christian Heritage (Optional)
    A. Give an oral or written book report to an audience on an evangelistic personality, such as
        Roger Williams, Sojourner Truth, or Martin Luther King, Jr.

Serving Others

Voyager: Select two of the three sections.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. One on One (Optional)
    A. Make a personal visit to a non-SDA young person, and share 5 things that Jesus has done for you,
         and follow it up by introducing another Christian friend to nurture spiritual interest.
II. Group Witness (Optional)
    A. Participate for 8 hours in an outreach program
III. Community Outreach (Optional)
     A.  Spend a minimum of 3 hours with a pastor or associate pastor, observing him/her in their pastoral duties.

Making Friends

Voyager: Select two of the three sections.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. Building Relationships (Optional)
    A. List and discuss the needs of the handicapped, and help plan and participate in a party for them.
II. Christian Lifestyle (Optional)
    A. Fulfill requirements 3, 5, and 6 of the Stewardship honor.
III. Good Citizenship (Optional)
    A. Diagram the structure of your city government.

Health and Fitness

Voyager: Select two of the three sections.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. Health Principles (Optional)
    A. Prepare and present a written or oral report on what the Bible says about vegetarianism vs. meat eating,
        and list the advantages of each as indicated by modern studies.
B. Assist in "Health Screen and Lifestyle" outreach program., OR interview a respiratory therapist
     or cardiologist regarding the benefits of exercise. Explain the treadmill test.
II. First Aid / Safety (Optional)
    A. Complete the CPR honor.
    B. Study and practice "Disaster Safety."
III. Fitness / Exercise (Optional)
III. Fitness / Exercise (Optional)
    A. Choose one lifetime exercise activity and record your exercise for one month.
    B. Complete one of the fitness tests for your age:
President's Physical Fitness
Canadian Fitness 
Health-related Physical Fitness (For the physically disabled.)
Set goals and improve.

See your instructor for requirements.

Youth Organization

Voyager: Select two of three sections.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. Leadership (Optional)
    A. Plan and lead out in a Pathfinder Club or Sabbath School activity.
    B. Plan and teach two requirements in each of the following honors.
 Camping Skills I
        -  Camping Skills II
II. Club Awareness (Optional)
    A. Discuss with your club staff the club-church involvement in the total Pathfinder Club program,
        OR, for AY societies, invite a Pathfinder person to speak for your group.
III. Pathfinder Programming (Optional)
    A. Plan and participate in, and evaluate your church participation in the following:
        1. Induction
        2. Club Meeting
        3. Pathfinder Sabbath
        4. Investiture Service
        5. Yearly Scheduling
        6. Club Campout
B. Complete requirements 2, 3 and 6 of the Advanced Drilling and Marching honor.

Nature Study

Voyager: Do section I
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I, II, and III.

I. Spiritual Lessons (Required)
    A. Review the story of Nicodemus and relate it to the life cycle of the butterfly,
        OR draw a life-cycle chart of the caterpillar giving the spiritual significance.
II. Nature Appreciation (Optional)
    A. House Plants/Butterflies - Raise a plant using hydroponics principles,
         OR identify and draw, collect, or photograph 10 species of butterflies.
    B. Edible Wild Plants/Environmental Conservation - identify, prepare, and eat 10 variations of edible wild plants,
        OR investigate and write a report on a small stream.
III. Nature Honor (Optional)
     A. Complete a nature honor at your skill level not previously earned.

Outdoor Living

Voyager: Do Sections I or II.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I and II.

I. Outdoor Skills (Optional)
    A. Earn the Knot Tying Honor.
    B. Learn or review the Wilderness rules.
II. Outdoor Activity (Optional)
    A. Earn one of the following honors:
         - Pioneering
         - Outdoor Leadership
         - Wilderness Living
         - Winter Camping

Honor Enrichment

Voyager: This track not required.
Frontier Voyager: Do Sections I and II

I. Arts & Crafts/Hobbies/Household Arts (Optional)
   A. Complete one honor at your skill level, not previously earned, in the area of art, craft, hobby, or household skills.
II. Recreational/Outdoor Industries/Vocational (Optional) 
   A. Complete one honor at your skill level, not previously earned, in the area of recreational skills, 
        vocational studies, or outdoor industries.
B. Earn the Beginner's Swimming Honor, if not previously earned.

***See AY Honor Manual for requirements.